Sweat It Out!- A Guide To Hot Yoga In Edmonton

9:30 AM last Thursday Morning, Yogalife Studio South Edmonton….. I debated going to class at all that morning. I am laying on my mat thinking of the bills I need to pay and what I am going to make for lunch. The instructor comes in, my daydreaming lessens and I listen to her instruction to set an “intention” for the class, Ok, “calm.” We start to breathe and suddenly I am crying. Not audible sobbing but tears rolling down my cheeks. “Oh no! wipe them away, what is someone sees?, divert my thoughts, divert my thoughts!!!” I re-group and continue the class somehow drawn every time the instructor says to “go back to your breath”. Nobody is watching each other in the mirror and as we are told “great job” after our poses I am calm. As we begin closing meditation I am crying again but this time I focus on my breathing and don’t care (as much) if anyone is watching. I must have needed that class after all.


I have done many yoga classes and even taught Hatha Yoga for nearly 10 years. But there is something about hot yoga that I love.  For my mind I love the escape from the cold winter into a hot room. As a triathlete and mother I love the relaxation and stretching.  I am sure there are toxins built up in my body and hot yoga lets it all go.  Everyone has a different expectation about yoga, what they want on an certain day, and what type of class they like or don’t like.  One day you may take a class and hate it and the next week take the same class and it be the best experience ever. There is hot yoga and then there is just “stretching in a warm room”. Here are a few of my favorite true hot yoga studios in Edmonton:

P.S- At the end of your read, tell me why  you do/want to practice yoga (by leaving a comment) and you will be entered to win a complementary consultation and 5 drop in passes from Yogalife!!!

Bikram Yoga Edmonton– 10427-80ave and 10619-124street.  bikramyogaedmonton.com

Edmonton’s original hot yoga studio. In this class you do 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises in sequence at 40.5 degrees C.  Instructors are specifically trained in Bikram. You will sweat! The postures are one thing but the mental component is huge here. Many say it is a challenge just to stay in the room. Because you do the same postures in the same order every time, if you are looking for variety this may not be the class for you.  With continued practice however, you will become stronger, more flexible and gain a huge sense of dedication.  Starting February 14 the studio is starting a 4 week challenge in which  you do one class every day for 4 weeks. Definitely something to try in 2013!

Yogalife Studios- 2065-98st (South Edmonton Common) and #208, 15823-97 street. yogalifestudios.ca

I love this studio! From a practice perspective it has a sweat factor of 7/10. Definitely hot but not dripping.  Every class is different. Each time I go I feel challenged and leave having learned something new. The classes can be small (8ppl) or large (up to 30) but each time I have gone nobody is judging and looking at each other in the mirrors as you would get in a gym atmosphere. Somehow those 30 people all feel like 1.  The instructors are committed. They have trained and traveled, but in talking to them, just love to teach.  They have a full locker room with shower gel, shampoo and conditioner in each stall, as well as cotton, face wipes, and hair elastics. They have 13 classes EVERY DAY anything from flexibility, pre-natal, and family yoga. They also offer workshops and retreats- how does “Rock-Om” sound?!

Bliss Yoga Spa- 5954 Mullen Way. Blissyogaspa.com

This studio opened in late 2012 and after driving by it on my way home every day, finally got to take a class. Bliss is a yoga studio on one side and a full service spa on the other! The sweat factor here is more of a 3 (granted I took a “warm” not “hot” class). Bliss is definitely more of a spa yoga experience. From the individual key pad lockers, stone floors and Davines hair products in the showers, to the yoga spa with hot tea and a “moodspace wall” in the studio you have to see; I am immediately taken away from the blizzard of snow outside.  If you are looking for an escape and want a more pampering experience in yoga then this is for you. They offer 10 + classes each day and will host a “40 days to personal transformation.”

Hot Yoga 101:

Bring a towel (obviously!)

Come 15 min early to class- you want to set up and many studios lock once class starts

Drink enough water- before, during, and after! When you sweat you lose water- got a headache after class? Probably dehydration (been there!!)

Try coconut water- you lose electrolytes in sweat as well and coconut water is super refreshing after class!

Focus on you- one of the hardest things in yoga but probably the most important.

*Opinions in this article are based on my personal experiences. Each individual may have a different opinion.

*Drop in passes and consultation graciously donated by Yogalife South Edmonton. Thank You!

*Comment contest closes January 31, 2013 and winner will be contacted by email.

Christine Kasturi

Christine was born and raised in Edmonton. With her BSc in Nutrition, Christine leads workshops and courses focused on women and sport. She is also the founder of MOMentum Multisport; a triathlon brand for women. In 2010 she was honored as one of Avenue Magazine's Top 40 Under 40 and Top Entrepreneur by MOMpreneur Magazine. She is a Lole Sponsored Athlete and the proud Mother of two boys; Braylon and Bronson.

  1. I love hot yoga! I took it at the World Health Club in Mayfield Common! Not only is it relaxing and gives you that extra stretch, but I found it very beneficial for my lower back problems!

  2. I love to practice yoga and have done so inconsistently for 15 years, sometimes in different studios but most often at home with videos from instructors like Eoin Finn or Baron Baptiste.
    Lately, my efforts have been in trying to find a Mama and Baby yoga class that would work for drop-ins. My baby is 7 months old and besides Strollercize at the Kinsmen, I can’t find a whole lot of fitness classes to do with him. I guess he is getting to the age where I can start to leave him with Dad for short periods of time (I’m breastfeeding) so I might just give Yogalife a try some evening here.
    Your article reminds me of how much I love hot yoga (especially in the winter); there’s always a great endorphin rush after and I’m always left feeling so alive and awakened.

    1. Hey Andrea,
      thx for the comment. just as an FYI : I will be teaching a FREE mom and baby strength class in June at Magrath Park. The time is not set yet but let me know and I can let you know when the date gets closer. Although your baby will be close to a year by then it will still be ok for you to bring him!

  3. Thanks for the article! Yoga Life is a great studio, however as a mom with a full time job and kids in activities of their own it usually boils down to convenience! Do you know of a hot yoga studio in the city that offers child care (other than world health!)?

    1. Hey Jessica,
      I don’t know of any specific HOT yoga w child care. I know yogalife does have mom and baby as well as prana yoga in the west end (lassard rd).
      another idea I did w my 2nd baby was bought yoga journal magazine and they have 30 min workout pullouts each month. That way I could do it on my time and it still felt as productive as going to a class. Hope that helps!!!

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