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We’re looking for City Leaders to bring City Mom Now to their local cities.

Are you a mom-in-the-know? The person everyone turns to to ask where the best yoga classes are or if neighbourhood restaurant is family friendly? Love writing? Addicted to social media? Then you’d make a great City Leader!

Think of being a City Leader as being the eyes and ears for the moms in your community. Share with them your favourite places to shop, give them the scoop of what’s hot for moms in your area. Fill them in on whether or not that new restaurant around the corner is toddler-friendly. By being a City Leader, you will have the opportunity to lead an online magazine just for the moms in your community, as well as connect with business owners and entrepreneurs in your area.

Now with official sites in Vancouver and Toronto, we are planning for rapid growth across North America and beyond and are looking for City Leaders to forge the way in their communities.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of something really fantastic. I am really loving City Mom Now! It has been a steep learning curve for me but I’m enjoying it all. I can’t wait to really get rolling! – Lisa Connor, City Leader, City Mom Now Prince George

Low Start Up Fee. Big Rewards.

Our City Leaders receive ad referral fees of up to 60% of sales generated through their site. In exchange, you just need to publish a minimum of once per week (more if you’re motivated).

To get started, you’ll need to follow the steps below, sign our Web Site Rental Agreement and pay our the annual fee of $99 a year. Why so low? We’re interested in having talented people lead our city growth at the local level and want minimal barriers to entry. The small fee lets just us know that you’re serious about doing this.

Once you’re approved and get signed on as a City Leader, you’ll be ready start. That’s it.

Stop blogging for nothing

Sure you can do this on your own, but to be successful, you’ll need to do all aspects of running the site yourself, including setting up your site, doing all the social media, designing your business cards, attracting readers and – the horror – generating sales. Being a City Leader means you can get down to writing – and only focus on writing if that’s what you choose – while we do all the stuff behind the scenes, including actively look for sales.

Stop blogging for nothing and get on board for the opportunity and knowledge on how to truly fulfill your dream of a flexible lifestyle that allows you to be home for those precious moments while your child is growing up.

Interested? You will need to apply to be City Leader.

Our City Leaders run their sites independently, have agreed to our Web Site Rental Agreement and have paid their annual fee.

By becoming a City Leader, you will get access to our years of experience building content for the web and the goodwill towards our brand, while having a unique opportunity to generate revenue. You also receive detailed editorial guidelines and directions on how to load your content.

Who is eligible?

Anyone, anywhere in the world, is eligible for to become a City Mom Now City Leader. However, we look for the following:

  • A person who is intimately familiar with what moms of kids 8 and under are looking for in their community.
  • Previous  web writing experience in the form of a blog or other work.
  • Enthusiasm for social media.
  • A natural connector.
  • Passion for what’s happening in her community, whether it’s shopping, dining or the arts.

Don’t Miss Out and Apply

We are a blank slate right now, but once your region is gone, it’s gone (at least for the next year). Take advantage of our growth and apply for a territory in your area. Here’s how to move it forward:

  1. Read the Terms. Please do this before doing anything else.
  2. Understand the commitment.
  3. Read our FAQs.
  4. Choose the name and URL for your area.
  5. Submit the online application form.
  6. If approved, submit your application fee.
  7. Get started! You’ll be provided access to to a City Leader-only web site.

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